I Don’t Get It…


Insanity can be defined simply as abnormal behavioral or mental patterns. “Normal” implies conformity to common standards. What are the common standards of parenting? Please let me know when you find out…

It sometimes feels like life just couldn’t possibly get any more hectic. Your plate is over-flowing, your ducks couldn’t stay single file if you paid them, and your ability to care about said chaos dwindles daily. Scary huh?

Are we, as mother’s, conforming to what’s “normal” in the world of parenting? Is insanity normal?… Must be because we certainly thrive on it.

Kids yelling…crying…begging…asking…demanding…pleading… They’re hungry, they’re tired, they’re bored…. they’re difficult. Nature allows us to evolve from the carefree years of youth into the stressful, yet fulfilling, world of parenthood.

Why do we do what we do? The piling of more and more obligation and task, I mean. As if your home wasn’t crazy enough you still pick up that second job, still attempt a hobby of your own, get a puppy, try to thoroughly clean your house…. what have you.

Truth is, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Imagine your life before all the “insanity” began… Pretty boring… Let us all accept that crazy is what makes it work. As chaotic as it is and as jagged as the puzzle seems, it all fits together perfectly in the precious world that is your family.


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