Kids Say the Darndest…


It’s a good morning. A morning that you are actually able to sleep in. Nowhere to go, no one to impress. No rush.

So, you’ve been in that in between state of slumber for a couple hours. Not out cold, but not quite awake. That wonderful state of limbo where you are conscious of the fact that you are relaxing and managing to still be in a horizontal position at 8am. Ahhh…. Life is good.

Then, the pitter-patter of little feet approach. You can’t help but smile being that you have had more rest than you’ve seen in months….you’ve gotta get up at some point. You have yet to open your eyes but feel your child’s tiny hand on your arm tapping you. As you slowly let the light in, the most precious face in the world greats you. “Good morning, honey”, you say with a grin. In anticipation for a huge ‘Good morning Mommy’ hug you extend your arms only to hear in response “Mommy, you need your makeup on”….


“I know sweetie, thanks”… That’s about all you’ve got to say at this point. Who knew that on a day where you were under the impression that you hadn’t a care in the world, you would be judged and insulted by your toddler first thing.

Getting up, you are now faced with the dilemma of whether to put some makeup on or not. Nothing like feeling insecure around a 3 year old. You hear your own mother in your subconscious mind saying “a girl should always look her best”…

Ehh… half ass a little makeup application so your kids will get off your back and carry on. Our children get so used to routines and things being a certain way, they often express themselves when something is different and especially when it’s not to their liking. Don’t even think about getting a haircut, Mommies….

You’ve got to give them credit, most adults don’t speak the truth often enough so kudos to our kids. Look at it in way where someone is bringing out the absolute best in you. I did need some makeup on!


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