Home, Sweet Home.


In a hectic world of non-stop running and working, it is important to take a day now and again to recharge.

You’re constant. Your kids are constant. The household is constant. Constantly something to do. Life in general leaves little time to kick your feet up and breathe. Your kids are in the same boat as you are, whether they realize it or not. Daycare… school..play dates…we’re all a bunch of busy little bees. Well, bees sting when stressed.. Let’s try to avoid the pinch and burn by designating a day, as often as possible, to take it easy.

“Easy”?!… Does this word even exist in the vocabulary of a mother? Not naturally but make it so. Force it.. encourage it… work it.. make it happen. Technology has an amazing way making parenting a little less trying. Whoever said that using the T.V. as a babysitter was poor parenting, doesn’t have kids. At least not in modern day. Much like McDonald’s or Pizza Hut, parking your kids in front of some kind of technological, WIFI accessible device is okay in moderation. On these days planned to refresh your family, you have a free pass, get out of jail free card, whatever you want to call it. You are justified.

So sit your butt down with your kids. Have a Disney marathon. Watch all the Avengers stand alone movies and still wonder where is Black Widows….?  Anyway, do what you can to assemble everyone in lazy mode. Enjoy the home you work so hard for. You’re paying with bills, you’re cleaning it all the time..why not stop to admire and appreciate the roof over your families heads.

Don’t feel guilty about allowing yourself some time to slow down the fast pace of today’s world. We all need it. Sidney J. Harris said it best, “the time for relaxing is when you don’t have time for it”.


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