It is important for all of us, especially those of us under a lot of stress, to have a special place to unwind. Kicking up your feet in the kids playroom that’s surrounds you with the chore of yet another overhaul doesn’t quite cut it. Or when you pass out on your children’s bedroom floor because they wanted you to stay with them until they fell asleep isn’t exactly what we had in mind.

Take it from a Princess. Not just any princess, Disney princesses are onto something here. Ariel, she has a hidden cave filled with all the things she loves, dingerhoppers, snarfblats.. you name it. Elsa created her own castle for crying out loud. And let’s not forget Belle’s ability to get lost in a book.

What I am trying to say is that you need to have a special place that is yours alone. It may be your sun room, bathroom, office, Adirondack chair under the willow tree, or, like Belle, a book that takes you to another world, these places are paramount.

Yes, you are a Mommy. You’re a great mother that dedicates her every breath to her kids. Reward yourself for that. Give your children the finest gift of all, a recharged Mom. A mom that doesn’t miss a beat (most of the time) and can handle any and every thing the day has to throw at her. Also remember that you are still a woman. Crazy thought huh?! You DO exist behind your stained t-shirt and mom jeans.

So live life like you’re a Princess. Pretend you wake up in full glam or even have the time for that kind of application. Rock a ball gown or two from time to time but most importantly find, love and appreciate a sanctuary for yourself.

Be M.I.A. ladies… Mother’s in amelioration.