On the rare occasion you are out, alone, no kids, no husband.. just you…do you ever get the feeling that you are from another planet? Ok, maybe not so much an alien but some kind of socially awkward out of towner?

Let me explain. You’re sitting at a Dunkin Donuts waiting to meet up with a potential employer. You ordered a coffee just because you feel an obligation to do so… you are in a coffee shop after all. You look around at all these “kids” on their cell phones and I-pads and wonder when you went from one of those “kids” to the weird lady sitting in the corner obviously trying to blend but failing immensely. You feel like an alien.

It’s odd how we become so routine and enthralled with our children and family life that we almost forget how to be a sole human being existing in a social environment. And how ironic that we yearn for some down time and a moment to ourselves but yet want nothing more than our children when we get it.

Verdict? Temporary insanity…aka Motherhood. We often don’t know what we want or when we want it, for ourselves anyway. Ask us what are kids have planned for 3 Saturdays from now, we can tell you exactly what, where, and how the day will be structured. We will probably even be able to tell you what outfit they’ll be wearing.

How do we survive being a mother that can’t mother at the moment? Take a breath. Like riding a bike, remember how to communicate with a fellow adult and release yourself of your mothering duties for however long necessary. You’ll be back to pulling your hair out in no time.

Explanation for this desire to E.T. phone home? You’re a good Mother. Simple as that. You love your kids and you devote every second of yourself to them..and that’s awesome. Keep it up Mommies!


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