Nighty Night…


Aches…pains…cramps… charlie horses…stiff neck…sore back.. take your pick. You’ve barely survived a night where your children ended up in bed with you.

The sliver of mattress offered to you on these long and frustrating nights is barely enough for your cat to find comfort on. How do your sweet little babies manage to triple in size during the wee hours of the night?… And let’s not even try and figure out how your hubby remains unaffected by it all.

Vertigo and the indentation of your body in the bed must go hand in hand because your silly kids can’t seem to grasp which direction a normal human sleeps.

Aww… they’re so sweet when they’re sleeping…..  in their OWN beds. Don’t feel out of line when the urge to throw an adult temper tantrum arises from these sleeping arrangements. Jumping up and letting our a loud and growly “UGH” is completely normal.

It’s important to place your anger properly. It’s not your kids that are really boiling your blood… it’s their father. Jealousy is most likely the cause of this because Mother’s can’t imagine such an uninterrupted nights sleep. Must be nice…

So, you finally hear the birds chirping and realize you’ve made it to morning. The sun will be up soon so you might as well get up and try and baby your body back to its normal achy state. Everything in moderation.

As you limp toward the bathroom you turn back and glance at your sleeping children cuddled up together with Daddy. Suddenly every pain and aggravation from the overnight seems to disappear. Look at your beautiful family. Who could ever ask for more.

So Mommies, when your awoken in the night by your kids shaking your arm like an earthquake, and they ask if they can sleep with you…. remember in the morning you’ll have made a beautiful memory and it’s completely worth the  insomnia.


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