How to Put Things…


Perspective. The definition of the word, according to Oxford’s Dictionaries, is a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.

All of us have different perspectives on the many challenges and responsibilities life throws at us.. some better than others.. Anyway, putting opinions aside, it is important to try and balance your perspective realistically.

In reference to parenting, pick your battles. It’s important not to make a big deal about the small things and just as important to do the opposite when it counts. Life is like an act of existing on a balance scale. When you feel yourself teetering on the edge, you know your perspective is off. Do something about it. Set yourself right. It’s as important to your children as it is yourself to keep an essence of equilibrium in your life.

Can’t pay the cable bill until next week? Then simply pay it next week. It is what it is. Next week arrives, still can’t pay? Cancel the damn thing, there’s never anything on anyway. Did your son just break the new toy you purchased for him hours ago?…. Sucks but there’s not much you can do about it now..  You live, you learn. Buy him the cheap toys or get a second job. Better yet, a great perspective would say teaching your kids to care for their toys or they won’t have any at all might be the way to go.

The point is that life isn’t an emergency all the time. Statistically speaking, the odds are on your side that things will be alright. Get a grip, hold your grip and don’t loose sight of what really matters.



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