This Is It!


It’s here ladies… The single day set on the calendar to specifically celebrate us. Mother’s Day.

All jokes aside, silliness will return with the next blog, this is an important day. Mother’s Day is a holiday to recognize the hard work we put forth day in and day out, all year long. Not only is it about honoring the work we do but the  love with give as well. Although it comes naturally to nurture and love your children, it takes a whole lot of love to keep up with the tasks of motherhood.

We most often are putting our own needs aside (the back burner is a very comfortable place for Mommies) and constantly making sure that our family has everything they need. We wouldn’t want it any other way!

Well not today! At least for the most part… Mother’s Day is a day for us to try and sit back, relax and soak in the rewards of being a Mom. Extra kisses and squeezes from your children are the best gifts you could hope for.

Along with enjoying the celebration of ourselves, we also commend our own mother’s, mother’s in law, grandmother’s, step-mother’s and anyone who we honor as a maternal figure in our lives. Thank you Mom. Thank you for everything. There aren’t enough words (I’m sure we all agree) to express the gratitude for everything you have done. Examples set, indisputable support, life altering advice, devotion like no other, and simply the LOVE given.

Happy Mother’s Day to every single Mother that is, was, and will be.


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