Please Explain…


You did it!…  You finally potty trained your little boy. It was a long, hard and frustrating process but you can now officially stop purchasing diapers and pull ups. On top of that, the daily mess that poop presented to you is now just a bad memory. Or is it?

You may not be cleaning the messes you once were but your sons fecal fascination is appalling. Almost every sentence includes the words “poop” or “fart” and you can’t wrap your head around where the heck this is coming from….

My theory… it’s a guy thing. There’s little to nothing we can do, as mother’s, to change the progression from admiring Mickey Mouse to, now, Mr. Hankey. There’s only so much dookie talk a girl can handle in a day.

What do we do? Most importantly, DO NOT laugh! If you find your son’s farting armpit a little silly, don’t let him know it! Even the tiniest of giggles can cause for encouragement. Encouragement is the enemy here. We are trying to deter this kind of behavior so keep a straight face as best you can. Have at an attempt to discuss why these words and acts are not appropriate and why your child should stop behaving in this manner. As the years pass you will see that your teenage son most likely never heard a word of it but hey, it’s worth a shot.

Some things truly are in one ear and out the other…  Instead of fighting a battle you can’t win, try to deflect the dodo topic to an at home kind of thing. Schools, doctors offices, grocery stores, friends houses… their all off limits. Let’s pretend we have some manners here boys! Grin and bear it, Mommies. It is what it is.


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