He Said, She Said…

20160408_112245-1You’ve finally sat down with a cup of coffee. I’d like to say a “hot” cup but you poured it 20 minutes ago so you’re lucky if it’s warm. Let’s start again…

You’ve finally sat down with a room temperature cup of coffee. You kick your feet up on the couch and rest your head back. You don’t even have the energy to try and find something to watch on TV, let alone attempt to reach the remote. The semi-silence of the house is more than enough to be grateful for. You can still hear the kids in the distance playing. Everything seems to be okay…

Ha! Who the heck are you kidding?! Okay? Things are rarely “Okay”. It’s a matter of minutes before the arguing begins. You hear your precious children’s voices go from giggles and cheers to yelling and screaming.

“It’s mine!”… “That’s not fair!”… “I had it first!”… “Stop it!”… And the ever popular “MOMMY!!!”…

Instinctively you want to yell back “WHAT?!” but try not to add fuel to the fire. A pleasant “Yes?” is the way to go. Even though you are putting on the performance of a lifetime, smile and sound happy.

You make your way to the play room only to be bombarded with accusations from each of your children. He said, she said… he did, she did… Your neck hurts from all the back and forth.

So how do you know, without having been in the room, who is telling you the truth? You don’t. Your motherly super abilities can come pretty darn close to knowing exactly what happened and how, but now’s the time to let your kids explain and to remind them of the importance of telling the truth. Your little guilt ridden child will confess without saying a word. If you’re dealing with a professional fibber, make like Finland and remain neutral. Settle the situation without ever really acknowledging who actually committed the crime. Apologies need to be given from all sides and hugs seal the deal, treaty signed.

Keeping the urgency of the situation to a minimum will help the kids forget what they were so upset about it begin with. Encourage them to carry on and have fun. Try and sneak away to see if you can finish that now cold cup of coffee before the next outburst. Hey, maybe that’s where the idea of iced coffee came from!


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