This thing called “Voot”.


I just can’t handle it!

We are all crazy about our kids, right? So much so that we have difficulty finding words to express the overwhelming mix of emotions we experience when looking at our children.

Well ladies.. there IS such a word and that word is “voot”.  Back on July 31 of 2008, 2 young women added this word and its definition to our world wide webs urban dictionary (definition #3). Clever gals! There’s no doubt in my mind these women are mothers and use this word often.

As referenced in the link above, you may experience an uncontrolled grinding of your teeth when voot strikes. A smile so big that your face hurts is not uncommon either. These precious little creations of ours are just too darn adorable to contain any sense of normalcy. Why do you think Grandmother’s are so famous for pinching cheeks? VOOT!

Voot is an emotion that can strike easily and often. Pride goes hand in hand with voot when focusing strictly on our children. “Look Mommy, I finished the puzzle and I did it all by myself!”… “I helped my brother with his homework, Mom!”…The sight of your kids exchanging hugs and I love yous.. Or when your infant baby giggles while blowing spit bubbles. These are all examples of what will cause voot for parents.

As wonderful as it sounds, voot can also be a frustrating feeling. There’s a struggle to place the build up of energy in body. Your hands on your cheeks or clenching of fists in collaboration with a high pitched squeal leaves you feeling only semi-satisfied.

It is what it is. Our ability to produce the most incredibly cute, adorable, funny, talented, smart, beautiful and amazing kids requires we learn to cope with this interesting stew of emotions.

Let the voot in! Go with the flow, embrace the sensation and accept there’s no controlling it. The sum of all it is to love these incredible gifts = voot.



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