“Selfie, Selfie on my phone, create for me a flawless clone”.

I have addressed, more than once, the topic of mother’s and our lack of time to glamorize. 9 times out of 10 we aren’t lookin’ our best. Makeup free faces and hair that welcomes the birds above, we are more concerned about our children than ourselves.

If you feel like you are surrounded by beautiful and put together women, you are not alone. Mother’s or not, there are plenty of girls out there to feel jealous of. Especially with the selfie movement taking over what we once knew to be Earth. There are pouty duck lipped and smooth skinned photos as far as the eye can see.

Welcome camera apps!  Filters, smoothers, slimmers, and a bunch of other features allow us all to fake perfection. Heck, we can even apply makeup to our photos instead of our actual faces.





As you can see above, there are endless possibilities in the creation of the girl you’ve always dreamed you could be. Confession, the “before” photo was filtered upon beginning the virtual makeup application. I’ve edited and already edited photo…ugh…

Funniest part of it all, if we have so much time to be dolling up a picture on our cell phones, why aren’t we using that time to put real makeup on ourselves?… I can not answer this question.

So here’s my point…although addicting, we need to get over the whole idea of looking “perfect”. There is no such thing as “perfect” unless we are talking about our kids. I once blogged about glamming it up once and awhile, that suggestion still stands. On the other hand, welcome the natural woman in you as well. You deal with her most often so best to try and get along.

Stop worrying about going to the store with your wrinkles and pimples exposed. So what if you didn’t wash your hair or change out of your sweat pants. We’re Moms, we are aloud to rock the bedhead, bed face and bed body style.


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