Be Still My Heart


Have you ever had the feeling of being so completely aggravated, overwhelmed, annoyed, angry, drained or all of the above?… Motherhood will do that to you.

Let’s set the scene… you’ve been trying to pay bills and balance your checkbook for the past 45 minutes and have yet to succeed in doing so. Diapers have leaked… Netflix has buffered… boogers have emerged… cat climbed the walls… snacks have been requested…. everything that could possibly continue to prevent you from finding out how much money you have left in the bank has happened.

At this point you are feeling pretty frustrated. “Could you leave me alone for like 5 minutes?!”… “What the heck would anyone do without me?!”…. “It’s not the end of the world!”…. “No, you CAN NOT have cookies for breakfast!”  Sound familiar?

Just when you think you’re really about to loose your marbles your children go from needy to adorable like a flick of a switch. Suddenly they are smiling, batting eyelashes at you, and figuratively handing back every marble you started to drop. Condescending or not, we’ll never really know, but damn is it cute.

So the justification you felt for wanting to blow a fuse is suddenly irrational. Those sweet smiling little faces have just hit the delete button on Angers control of your emotional council. You’re beat. Every single reason you ever wanted to be a mother flashes through your mind and in that moment the stress snaps out of you. Like magic, all is well with the world again.

Our sweet little babies force us back to reality and allow Joy to take the wheel. Like the day they were born, you fall in love with them over and over again. Love at first sight…second sight….third sight…no end in sight.




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