We can all remember back in the day, watching our mother’s bounce through the house like Mexican jumping beans. There was always something to do… cooking, cleaning, laundry, emergency surgery (Barbie’s decapitated, again).. take your pick. As children, you pay little attention to what Mom is actually doing. There’s no understanding what could possibly be keeping her so busy all the time.

On the other hand (literally), one thing kids DO notice is Mother’s ability to touch absolutely any and everything disgusting that she comes in contact with. Poopy diapers, squished bugs, nasty drain traps, the cats puke, the dogs drool, or just plain unidentified gooey objects (UGO’s) in general, she doesn’t hesitate to extend a hand.

So how have we transitioned from the children that cringed at the sight of Mom’s hesitation free clean up of said UGO’s, to now disposing of them ourselves? Think back to your first born babies first poopy diaper. Breast or formula fed, newborns have an interesting and unfamiliar contents when delivering you a #2. You weren’t sure how to react to it. “It’s so cute”, “eww..gross”, “what the heck is that”, “why is it yellow”, “aww…his first dookie”…These may have been some of the thoughts passing through your mind at the time.

Here’s my theory. Because of the confusion between disgusting and adorable that occurred with our first babies diaper change, we maniacally morphed into women with fearless fingers. No UGO stands a chance!

So what difference does this really make? All the difference in the world. We, as mother’s, are now gifted with the ability to handle any kind of messy situation with ease. Another super power we are graced with. We are saving the day against the Mucinex monster and his many slimy sidekicks. Vigilante Vixens are we!


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