*Ding Ding*


Do you have more than one child? If so, you know exactly where this blog is headed…

Round 1! Accept there isn’t a disgustingly perfect young woman walking around your living room holding up a sign (sorry to disappoint Daddies). Instead it’s you and your kids..and there’s power in numbers. The more children you have, the greater the sensation that you are living in the middle of Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed’s rematch.

In the morning it may appear that your kids are going to get along with each other all day. Is it possible?… Nope. Don’t let a good start fool you. There will be a point in the day when your children will step into the ring. Obviously we, as mother’s, cannot and WILL not tolerate physical confrontation between our kids but they manage to go toe to toe verbally just fine.

Well, we can’t allow this either. This is one of the many extremely difficult aspects of parenting. Like a lion to a gazelle, the alpha child will pounce on the weaker sibling causing a serious meltdown. Vice versa, the smaller/younger child will use their age/size to their advantage. They’re smarter than we think!

These are the times when we have to intervene. Time outs, loss of devices, favorite toy taken… there MUST be consequences for this behavior or it will only get worse. Letting your kids hash it out themselves only works for the tamer of arguments.

Address the fact that there really isn’t anything to be fighting about and also remind your children that they love each other (whether they want to admit it or not). Separate them, if need be, and allow them to cool down..they’ll be laughing together in a matter of minutes.

There is no avoiding the fact that your kids are going to get in a tiff or two before leaving the nest. The best way to look at it… it’s normal! The resolution of these episodes are providing your children with the tools on how to deal with conflict in their adult years.

Allowing them to express themselves is important. Although waiting for the royal blue crayon may not seem detrimental to you, periwinkle doesn’t quite cut it for Leonardo’s mask.

Happy faces everyone! We are here for the long haul and need to hold on to the essence of family life.. LOVE. Can’t we all just get along?…




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