To Buy or Not to Buy?…


That is the question.

Picture this… you are heading into the store, a woman on a mission. You have a very specific list of items you are seeking. You need some groceries, toilet paper, shampoo, crayons, play doh, oh and some underwear for yourself.

As you reluctantly lower a 6 pack of Hanes Assorted Colors Cotton Sporty Boyshort Panties into your cart, you think about how that $9.47 could be going toward something else for your kids. A new Imaginext toy for your son…. a new pack of accessories for Princess Anna (a girl can never have too much).. there’s a sensation of nurturing and guilt that take over.

Suddenly those old blood stained and swiss cheese looking underwear at home “aren’t so bad”. I mean, some people go commando for crying out loud, a few holes never hurt anyone.

So here’s the thing… it’s almost impossible to “splurge” on yourself when you’re a mother. Any and everything that used to be important and necessary simply isn’t anymore after motherhood begins. You don’t need all that makeup…you don’t care about the name brand items…hand me downs from sisters and mothers are welcomed. It’s all about your children. The smiles on their faces when you present them with the “just because” gift you couldn’t resist, makes your run down appearance completely worth it.

It’s okay to buy for yourselves Mommies and you SHOULD. But we all know that it isn’t likely to happen and that’s ALRIGHT too. You’ll have plenty of years to revisit your prime shopping and fashion sense days when you’re kids are grown. Wonder why 50 is the new 30?



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