Bitter Sweet.


From the day your precious baby is born and the umbilical cord is cut, you are working hard to teach your child independence.

The first year or so is a whirlwind because your baby needs you for absolutely everything. You begin their journey toward independence by working on their motor skills. Tummy time, jolly jumpers, play mats.. these are all tools used to encourage the development of your children in the earliest years.

Along with working toward the future with your child comes immense amounts of stress and anxiety… “Am I doing this right?”… “Am I coddling too much?”… “Do I really believe in letting my baby cry it out?”….

There’s no need to go through all the phases of your child’s upbringing because you have all been there, done that. The point is, throughout all the years, Mother’s count the minutes of each day where they can have a moment alone and their children are actually occupying themselves.

Just when you think you have time to watch the Steve Harvey show or you’ve decided that you haven’t kept up with the Kardashians and you’re not okay with this, you hear in the distance, “Mommy… come here!” We might as well install a spring to the ass of all our pants, make our lives easier. Either that or don’t sit down at all…ever. You WILL be getting back up in a matter of a few minutes every time you attempt to park your bum.

In the mix of all this back and forth, up and down shenanigans that would make Tigger proud, you are one day introduced to a new found independence in your kids. You walk in the play room to check on things and hear “privacy please” or “bye Mommy”. Or your child asks you to assist in the preparation of a scenario of toy set ups and in conclusion, you are asked to “leave me alone now Mommy.”

Bitter sweet. Your mind and heart are now in an epic battle. In your head, you are celebrating the fact that all of your hard work is starting to pay off. Your child wants time away from you. This actually IS a good thing. On the other hand, your heart is breaking. In a way, you feel offended and hurt that your little baby is growing up way too fast and now you could care less that Khloe cut her hair or that Kim created another series of selfies and made a book of them.. Gag me. You don’t feel quite so significant anymore.

Well, here’s reality. You ARE significant and always will be. The perk of being the best mother you can be is creating awesome, loving and independent kids that still need you no matter what. Sit back and take pride in their development and achievements. YOU are the reason they are thriving. Your love and support is appreciated more than you’ll ever know.

You and your child were once one person. That is a connection like no other in the universe. I mean, we’ve all heard that little voice in our heads, right?… “Hi Mom”!




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