Love is in the Air!


Valentine’s Day. This is holiday for giving thanks and appreciation for your sweetheart, showing them how much they mean to you, and how you still get those little butterflies in your tummy when you exchanging smiles.

It all sounds so beautiful. To hear the date “February 14th”, you likely have images of red and pink hearts flashing through your mind or those cheesy paper valentine’s you had to write out to ALL your classmates (even your archenemy). Anyway, it’s wonderful to dedicate a single day to “I love you’s” but really we should all be making a conscious effort to express our love everyday.

That thought aside, the reason (according to the Blog for Stressed Mothers) that one solitary day is designated to the expression of love is because there’s never any time during the remaining 364 days of the year to do so. Much like a previous blog (Involuntary Abstinence), it is well known that children take over your love life. It almost appears that our little ones have a master plan and that it is all intentional. Those quiet moments when you’re wondering what the heck your children are up to….you find they have created a fort out of blankets and chairs. Awww, so sweet. Well Mommies, this is to distract from the conspiracy they are managing. The plot to keep Mommy and Daddy from any physical contact whatsoever.

Hallmark and Russell Stover are not the enemy! Valentine’s Day is an escape plan for parents to try and reconnect or pick up where they left of last year.

So whatever you do, don’t let your little Bonds, James Bonds, succeed. Give yourselves at least this one day to honor where the root of your family stems. Even if that means including the result of your love that is your children. Valentine’s DAY can be all about family… come NIGHT fall, put the kids to bed, and like vampires…let the passion ignite!!


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