Multi-task?…. Ha!


So, having 873 things to do within an hours time frame seems like a physical impossibility. It IS. Now try and imagine completing those tasks with your pants being tugged on, your back being tapped, your name being called… over and over…. “Mommy…. Mama…. Mom!!!” It’s a miracle we have any hair left at all.

The idea of multi-tasking seems like the only option for mother’s to get anything done. Well, how can you task multiples without first having started an initial task to begin with?! So aggravating!

Here’s where it gets interesting… That “to do” list you have everyday, or the roll over from days before, never seems to get any smaller. So how are Mothers accomplishing anything at all?

Here’s how… The same shit comes up again and again. Day in and day out we ARE actually multi-tasking without even realizing it. Look above at the beautiful image of clip art google has supplied. This may bring a smile to someones face as it is a silly little cartoon. Reality is, we are practically octopi. Not only do we have 8 tentacles to work with, who can forgot the eyes we have in the back of our heads.

Come on ladies, you can’t deny that as soon as your baby started toddling around, you were completely shocked by yourself and the ability to see exactly what, when and how a situation was going down behind you. Our mother’s AREN’T aliens!

So use these super human powers to your advantage. Try not to feel overwhelmed and recognize that you ARE checking off items on your list but the bastards tasks keep coming back. Three meals a day?! Really?….

It’s the ongoing cycle of motherhood and maintaining a household. Be grateful for your list and embrace it. It’s another reason to toot our own horns.


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