Go Team, Go!


As often as Mommies feel worry, stress, fear, and all the many emotions attached to wishing only the best for our children, we have to take time in each day to allow more positive feelings in.

Telling a Mother that she shouldn’t worry is like asking Garfield to pass on the lasagna… ain’t gonna happen! Constant concern goes hand in hand with motherhood but let’s take some weight off our shoulders and recognize the incredible team of loved ones we have around us.

Not only are we able to sit back with the utmost sensation of pride in our kids, but we can observe the incredible support system surrounding us. Our children are bits and pieces of everyone on both sides of the family. Mommy and Daddy get most of the credit of course… I mean, we were the ones that put in the hard work making the children. But.. credit where credit is due. Genetically, we can thank grandparents, aunts, uncles, and so on, for their contributions to our little miracles. In addition to genetics, what an awesome team we’ve got!

Let’s put it this way, Super Bowl Sunday this weekend… imagine how the players feel with the thousands of fans cheering them on throughout the stadium. Well ladies, we’ve got our own cheerleaders in our corner!

Give big “thank you’s” to everyone in your life that encourage and support you as a Mother. Your hard work does not go unnoticed and it’s important to acknowledge those that make parenting a little easier.

Your children are receiving so much love from so many different directions and THAT is the most amazing aspect of the team that is your family.


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