Glam it Up!


As mother’s we tend to worry very little about ourselves and engulf our every thought into our children and family.

Rats nests for hair, uneven skin tones, swiss cheese for clothes, and Dear God do we need a pedicure! It’s too easy to forget that before we were Mommies, we were someone else. Being an individual may appear to become extinct once your beautiful babies arrive but in fact, we are still our own person besides Mothers of the Year.

Wash and brush that mop, slop some foundation on, treat yourself to a new outfit, and go get your feet pretty! Glam it Up!

It’s important to our mental health as well as those who are subjected to the not so pretty us’ on a daily basis. Feeling good about yourself is a GOOD thing. Gives a little more pep in the step.

Scientifically, we are mothers for a reason. Someone at some point found us sexy enough to make a baby with. Well Justin Timberlake… MOTHER’S are bringing sexy back!

Do whatever it is you do to feel beautiful. Whether it’s applying make-up, singing in the shower, dancing to Demi Lovato, doesn’t matter. As long as you hold on to YOU and embrace the beauty that is YOU, YOU will be a better Mommy for it.





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