Just Breathe…


Patience is a personality trait that a rare few are blessed with. And even if you are one of the lucky ones that inherit the ability to be patient, once you have kids… say “ta ta”.

First thing in the morning you may find that you’re capable of handling the many situations that require patience. There’s always an optimistic aura in the air before a domino effect kicks in.

Once you feel the slightest sensation of loosing it, your apt to push down that first domino of many. We’ve all watched it happen and know from experience, once the first falls… you’re screwed. That beautiful golden glow that was the essence of your days expectation has suddenly turned to shit.

You are either going to vocalize the inevitable, “so much for today being a good day!”, or your pessimistic form will emerge like the Incredible Hulk and there will be no need for words at all.

DO NOT let this happen. Take a breath…walk away…and revisit whatever it is that caused Anger to blow its fuse in a few minutes. Reclaim the household from chaotic to peaceful. If you are keeping it together, saying collected, and handling the task with composure your kids will too (for the most part). Teaching them to control their emotions is just as much of a learning process for you as it is them. You ARE going to mess up, a lot. But kids are pretty darn forgiving and we need to be the same. Who’s teaching who?

The Disney Pixar film “Inside Out” brings to life 5 basic emotions and all they entail. WATCH THIS MOVIE. Often. With your kids…or even by yourself. It WILL teach you a lot.

Don’t let that green monster run loose. Learn from your mistakes and make it a better day! Joy is the best emotion.


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