Own it.


I think it’s safe to say that everyone knows motherhood sucks the life out of you. “Pregnancy brain” does not go away after hours of intense labor. No, that would be too fair for women. We are completely jumbled inside and our kids have control of our minds steering wheel. The sweet sound of Mickey Mouse and his hot dog dance echo through your head. You’re rusty with carrying on a “normal” conversation with ANYONE but completely understand your toddlers jibber jabber and what it takes to respond.

It’s not just a mental drainage that make you feel like a prisoner in your own body. You wake up each morning with your own private showing of a Saturday morning Rice Krispies commercial. Your back snaps, your knees crackle, and your neck pops. Lovely image, right?

It feels like you will never be in the same shape you were in before aliens took over your body. Well guess what… you’re right. That youthful, sexy, and energetic body you once knew is gone, girls.

Embrace the new casing of your soul and rock it. What’s sexier than a MILF? You might feel like a hot mess inside but you’re hotter than ever. Look in mirror and embrace everything curve, every stretch mark, every sag, every droop because they are all the battle scars obtained from performing the most incredibly amazing task of the creation of life. Pretty awesome.



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