Spring Fever Much?…


Anyone that’s reading this, who lives in upstate New York, will probably tell me to give them a break because it has been a very mild winter so far. That being said, it still isn’t spring and spring time for Mothers doesn’t just equal the opening of windows, smelling the fresh air, picking beautiful flowers, planning bbq dinners….. it’s all about getting our kids OUT OF THE HOUSE!

Forget spring fever… lets talk about cabin fever in general. Yes, our children play outside in the snow. They through a few snowballs, build snowman or two (more like snow creatures), get their gloves drenched, noses running, cheeks chapped, socks soaked…. need I say more?

It’s no fun for Mommies! Besides the fact that it gets old fast for the kids as well. They just want to run free, play ball, do cartwheels, ride bikes… all the wonderful activities spring brings.

Can Moms stay sane through the long winter months? Nope. Truth hurts. The fact is, you’ve got to suck it up and either deal with the mess Elsa’s frozen world creates or deal with a significantly larger mess inside than the average warmer season brings.

Bust out the playdoh, kinetic sand, magic markers, floam, silly putty… pretty much anything sticking, gooey, nasty, slimy, and smelly will do the trick. The bigger the potential for Mothers mess at the end of the arts and crafts session,  the greater the time frame for occupied children.

Occupation, when referring to kids, equals quiet time for Mommy! Your babies won’t be buzzing around your ear like the bees you’re so anxious to see this spring. You can deal with the mess later.

Kick back and watch your most guilty pleasure. Things are really suspicious between Kourtney and Scott, and what the heck is Bieber doing with her!?…

Anyway, relax Mommies, if only for a few minutes. Every second of quiet should be cherished and appreciated. Let the birdies sing while you can because we all know… the storm will be rollin’ back through.



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