Smile!… You’re on Candid Camera


Wearing the many hats of motherhood is a lot to deal with. We are not just mommies, we are running multiple businesses all under one roof. Restaurant, cleaners, laundry mat, chauffeur, paramedic, therapist, referee, accountant, student, secretary, vet, dog walker, and plumber (hey, we have all plunged a toilet or 2). Not to mention the Mommies that are also working in and/or outside the home on top of Mommy duty. Is your head spinning yet?

Here’s the deal, as much and we want to smash our faces into a pillow and scream until our throats bleed, it’s not lady like. Put on a happy face girls! If you smile big enough you may actually start to believe that you are alright and you’ve got it together. Truth is, your kids need that from you. When Mommy’s not happy, no one is happy. You lead…they follow.

Give yourself some credit! Revisit the list above and acknowledge how much you are contributing to your family. You’re setting everyone around you up for success and in doing so you are a success yourself. Children live what they learn and working your ass off is setting an awesome example!

Keep smiling! There’s everything to be happy about. The pride you feel for everything little thing your children accomplish is returned through their admiration for you. Say cheese!!


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