The enjoyment you get from a hot, smooth, creamy cup of coffee is an incredible thing. Especially the mornings first cup… your eyes roll back and a *sigh* is involuntarily released. “Today is going to be a good day…”

That feeling lasts about 8 seconds until your teeth are smashed into the rim of your mug because your kids decided you are a villain and must be destroyed! You’ve now lost a quarter of your mugs contents. It’s not the stained shirt that gets you…it’s the idea that precious coffee has just gone to waste.

So by the time you have battled and lost against “Mighty Gum the Great”, you seek to find that three quarter filled cup. (Optimism, Mommies) You’re pretty much guaranteed to have forgotten where the heck your coffee is. Don’t feel bad if a slight sensation of panic sets in. Try and remain calm, you WILL find it. Or, you can always pour another.

An addiction to caffeine isn’t anything to worry about… right? Although, it does say something when your coffee makers completion beep sounds, and your kids call out to you, “Mommy…your coffee’s done!”

The point is, motherhood creates a new perspective on the simple things in life. We always have so much going on that something as small a mere sip of coffee means so much.

Hold on to the simple things. They are important and necessary for you to maintain a top notch Mommy performance. Your children will thank you someday.



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