Mommy Mind on Overtime

Ok, so let me start by saying in the simple creation of this blog’s TITLE, I was interrupted twice by my children.

Mommies out there: How many of us wake up each morning with our minds on over drive from the night before. Sleep=rest?… Yeah right. Not when you’re a mother of all trades.


First thing… go pee. We are lucky if we are able to do this alone. Most times our children are either banging on the door (if you were smart enough to lock it) or they are standing in front of you asking questions, ordering their breakfast, requesting the DisneyJr channel, building the day’s itinerary.. take your pick.

Once they are fed, dressed and finally seem to be entertaining themselves, Mommy finally has a split second to work through the thousand thoughts sizzling through her head like poprocks.

Make coffee?… Shower?… Skip shower?…Get dressed?.. Make-up today?…Balance check book?… Work on college classes?… Presentation for work?… Wash dishes?…  The list goes on and on…

How do you tame the mind of a Mommy?…  Fact is, you can’t. And frankly, I don’t think you ever will. Even after your kids are grown and have families of their own, we will ALWAYS worry about our kids and… just plain worry in general.

How often so you hear people telling you to “take time for yourself”. Whether that be a bubble bath, mani/pedi, night out with the hubby, we are supposed to have selfish moments once in a while. Easier said than done. All the ideas suggested to help maintain sanity in motherhood sound good and well enough but I don’t think sanity exists after having children. We’re so crazy in love with our kids that “crazy” kind of takes over everything else.

So, round of applause to US! We are killing it. Gavin DeGraw wrote in his song Fire; “we are the champions, setting it off again, oh we on fire, we on fire, running our own campaign, doing the whole shabang, oh we on fire, we on fire”! That’s us, Mommies!

So when you remember to lock the bathroom door and have a moment of breaking down because you haven’t washed your hair in 3 days, remember that you are awesome and you’re on fire! Your family couldn’t make it without you and that alone is one of the most satisfying feelings and rewards of motherhood.

I would like to address that I know, and completely acknowledge, that the Daddys of the world deal with the same kind of parenting stress that I focused on today. My point of view as a mother makes me more confident in writing about the female perspective.

Hang in there, you ARE making a difference!


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